About Nicole Amaral

Nicole Amaral is a makeup artist and hairstylist to a variety of talented musicians. She’s worked for Michael BublĂ©, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 311, Fleetwood Mac and dozens more. In addition to artists and their bands, Nicole’s clients include high-profile record labels, management companies and celebrity event planners. She specializes in makeup and hairstyling for live concerts, music videos, television appearances, press junkets and other special publicity events for musicians. Nicole also has commercial and print experience working alongside some well-known production companies and magazine photographers.

As a child, Nicole loved two things, to listen to music and to play with make-up. She especially enjoyed putting makeup on her favorite grandmother. In 1997, her passion for make-up turned professional when hired by MAC Cosmetics in Miami. MAC’s intensive training program made her want to learn every detail about the beauty industry. While working for MAC, Nicole saturated herself in cosmetology school and concentrated on hair coloring and cuts. Nicole then left MAC to begin working in a private salon in Miami, soon massing a large clientele.

The beauty industry fulfills Nicole’s natural desire to help people make themselves look and feel their best. During her spare time, she naturally gravitated towards weddings and special events, where she could hone her instincts to create just the right look for each client. Her passion for music never stopped either. In 2002, Nicole decided to return to Los Angeles, where she once lived, to tap into the vast entertainment opportunities available on the west coast.

Immediately after landing in Los Angeles, Nicole found work as a makeup and hairstylist for a Fleetwood Mac interview and performance on NBC’s Dateline. This opportunity confirmed to Nicole what she knew already, that she could indeed blend her two favorite childhood past times into an exciting and viable career opportunity in the beauty industry.

Nicole currently lives in Venice, CA, where she also works at Paper Scissors Rock, cutting and styling her regular clients four days a week. In her free time, Nicole concentrates on building her business and sharpening her craft; however, she does find time to walk and relax on the beach.